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99% of the Global Population Breathes Unhealthy Air

Airviz’s mission is to protect the world’s greatest asset, its people, from the greatest risk to human health, air pollution.


U.S. Population Breathes Unhealthy Air


People Killed By Air Pollution Annually


Global Economy Cost From Air Pollution

Airviz technology drives innovation and advancement in air quality monitoring

Airviz Inc. is a cutting-edge technology spinoff company from Carnegie Mellon University, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to improve air quality by creating low-cost and accessible solutions for environmental sensing, analysis, visualization, and modeling.

Thanks to our close collaboration with the renowned research, development, scientific, and academic resources of Carnegie Mellon, we have been able to develop proprietary, advanced, and scalable IoT air sensing technology, and continue to push the boundaries of air quality monitoring.

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Carnegie Mellon University

4720 Forbes Ave, LL127 Pittsburgh, PA 15213