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A Pioneer In Air Quality Monitoring

State-of-the-art sensors, data analysis and modeling that delivers cost-effective and reliable solutions to manage air quality.

Advanced software and game-changing IoT hardware create high performance devices

Airviz’s cutting-edge solutions bridge the accuracy divide between expensive, regulatory-compliant monitoring equipment and low-cost sensors.

Reliable air quality management solutions for every need

Cities & Government

Create smarter and healthier cities with consistent and secure air quality data to model long-term solutions for citizen health and climate change.

Business & Industry

Achieve ESG goals, monitor for compliance, improve health and increase operational efficiency.

Healthcare Organizations

Use high-grade and advanced air quality data for studies, scientific research, and education to improve global health.

Community Monitoring

Protect local environments and influence positive change through community air quality monitoring projects.

Empowering your business with accurate, real-time air monitoring data through secure, enterprise-grade networks

Meet the COMBO+

An easily deployable, compact, reliable and secure IoT sensor

Monitors a wide variety of airborne particulates, gases and other measurements for outdoor and indoor applications.

Meet the DUO PM300

A state-of-the-art, compact IoT sensor detects tiny particulates and air pollutant toxicity

Advanced patented technology for precise measurement of particles, 10x smaller than current standards, and the only affordable sensor that detects Lung Deposited Surface Area, a superior indicator of air pollution toxicity.

Airviz's team comprises renowned air quality experts with proven track records in aerosol science, epidemiology, technology development, and product design.

Ian Magazine

Chief Executive Officer

Founder, operating executive and entrepreneur developing multiple early-stage technology companies from startup through maturity and exit, resulting in well over a billion dollars of value creation.

Jay Paull

Chief Strategy Officer

Extensive senior-level experience in early-stage & public corporations. Experience in all stages of strategic development creating & operating startup businesses, developing & executing strategic plans, partnerships & acquisitions.

Illah Nourbakhsh

Chairman & Founder

Founder of 3 companies (Blue Pumpkin acquired by Witness Systems for $75M), Holds 15+ patents. Professor of Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University & Director of CMU’s Center for Shared Prosperity.

Jill Anderson

Research & Development Scientist

Jill has 16+ years of experience in academia and industry. At Airviz, Jill uses her years of experience in electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and data science for product development and testing.

Clark Palmer

Chief Technology Officer

C-level experience with all stages of technology development from early research to production. Extensive experience in research, design, development, & deployment of large-scale wireless technology systems.

Dave Litton

Senior Scientist

For 45 years, Dave was a Leader and Research Physicist at National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). At Airviz, Dave conducts research and provides scientific, technical advice related to air quality, health, and environmental concerns with specific expertise in sensors and modeling.

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