Smart Cities
+ Environmental sensors
+ IoT capability
+ Data analysis & visualization
Airviz Inc. is a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff company with a deep relationship with the Carnegie Mellon CREATE Lab. We help to build Smart (Air Quality) Cities through empowered government, citizens, and scientists by providing affordable environmental sensing instruments and integrated powerful visualization platforms for sense-making and sharing of gathered scientific data — to promote evidence based decision-making, public discourse and action.
Smart City - IoT & Software
Full-stack development utilizing most types and brands of environmental sensors: real-time monitoring, wireless connectivity, over the air device upgrades, desktop and mobile apps, web sites, data storage, and server-side development
Environmental Sensors
Air quality and other environmental sensing technology: hardware development, detection methods, data extraction
Enable your stakeholders to make more-informed decisions: Algorithm development, computational analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, machine learning techniques
Data Visualization
Interactively view data patterns and correlations, integrate with block level demographic, retail, weather, and a host of other dates sets
3M and Airviz partnered to develop the sensor hardware, firmware, and algorithms for Filtrete™ Smart Air Filters.
“Throughout the development of FiltreteTM brand's first connected consumer product, it was important for us at 3M to pursue a truly collaborative and cross-functional approach; hardware innovation, data analytics, machine learning, UX/UI design, all with a cloud-connected architecture. Airviz, with their cutting-edge hardware and software teams, has been an incredibly powerful partner for us as they have helped enable 3M to continue to deliver innovative, and first-of-a-kind product solutions in the marketplace.”
“We have been working with Airviz for over two years now developing IoT projects for a mutual client. Airviz is great when it comes to teamwork and group problem solving. We have some truly smart projects on store shelves as a result of our teamwork!”
“Airviz was a fantastic hardware development partner for our mutual client, [a multinational conglomerate corporation]. They were great in finding innovative ways to help create a breakthrough product for the client. Airviz loves what they do, and it comes through in their work!”
— ArcTouch - Mobile & Connected Solutions
“When it comes to safety in construction and demolition work, we have found that many workers do not take seriously the threat of poor air quality. We started implementing a Speck monitor at job sites and found that the visualization helped workers understand the risk and take steps to ensure their safety. By demonstrating the air quality with simple colors on a rating scale, our team was easily able to see when air quality was poor and were more likely to wear Personal Protective Equipment. We appreciate how durable the Speck monitor is and how easy it is to use.”
— Anthony Stewart, DECO Resources
Airviz, Inc.
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