Environmental sensors
+ IoT capability
+ Data analysis & visualization
We automate the reaction to bad air by expertly providing solutions for environmental sensing, analysis, interactive visualization, and sensor communication infrastructure in ways that are unobtrusive and maintenance-free.
Environmental Sensors
Air quality and other environmental sensing technology: hardware development, detection methods, data extraction
IoT & Software
Full-stack development from device to cloud: real-time monitoring, wireless connectivity, over the air device upgrades, desktop and mobile apps, web sites and server-side development
Enable your organization to make more-informed business decisions: Algorithm development, computational analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, machine learning techniques
Data Visualization
Show the value of your products: Interactively view data patterns and correlations, show the usage of your products, monitor effectiveness
“Airviz was a fantastic hardware development partner for our mutual client, [a multinational conglomerate corporation]. They were great in finding innovative ways to help create a breakthrough product for the client. Airviz loves what they do, and it comes through in their work!”
— ArcTouch - Mobile & Connected Solutions
“When it comes to safety in construction and demolition work, we have found that many workers do not take seriously the threat of poor air quality. We started implementing a Speck monitor at job sites and found that the visualization helped workers understand the risk and take steps to ensure their safety. By demonstrating the air quality with simple colors on a rating scale, our team was easily able to see when air quality was poor and were more likely to wear Personal Protective Equipment. We appreciate how durable the Speck monitor is and how easy it is to use.”
— Anthony Stewart, DECO Resources
Airviz, Inc.
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